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Sports Performance Training

Our training facility offers high-level facilities and support to help you maintain peak performance all year long. Our coaches work together with you to achieve your goal, on the field and off.


Strength Training

At TrapFit, we help you develop that sport-specific power, teaching you the proper technique to lift weight effectively. We test and provide feedback on your strength. Created by our elite coaches, our training programs are custom designed for your stage of athletic development.


Explosive Training

To get to the next level every athlete needs power. Power is a winning advantage that you don’t have to leave to chance. We use a proven formula, based on biomechanics and motor control, to develop power you can use in your sport.


Injury Prevention

Injury prevention at TrapFit focuses on keeping athletes safe and reducing the risk of getting hurt during training. It involves techniques like proper warm-up, stretching, strengthening exercises, and teaching proper form and technique for different movements.

Weekly Training

Sports Performance

We will hold classes at 5am/7pm/8pm Monday and Wednesday in season to allow the athletes to train. Out of season we will go 4x a week to really reach that peak performance.

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